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Bob Geldof to host daughter's wedding

Bob Geldof to host daughter's wedding

Bob Geldof will stage his daughter's wedding reception in his garden.

The Boomtown Rats frontman's 33-year-old offspring Fifi - his eldest child with late ex-wife Paula Yates - will tie the knot with long-term boyfriend Andrew Robertson in September and guests will celebrate the union in the grounds of the rocker's abode in Kent, South East England.

A source told The Sun on Sunday newspaper: "Fifi is having a real family affair so it makes sense to shun a flash venue and just have her pals round her dad's."

The couple will tie the knot in nearby St. Lawrence Church, which is where her her late sister Peaches Geldof tied the knot with Thomas Cohen - the father of her sons Astala, now four, and Phaedra, three - in September 2012, while her parents had their marriage blessed there.

It is also the place where the funerals of Paula - who died of a drugs overdose in September 2000 - and Peaches, who also overdosed in March 2014, took place.

Fifi's wedding comes just over a year after Bob - who also has daughter Pixie, 25, and is the adoptive father to Paula and her late lover Michael Hutchence's daughter Tiger, 19 - married again in April 2015, to long-term partner Jeanne Marine.

The 64-year-old rocker popped the question shortly after Peaches' death and though he initially thought it would be an "inappropriate" thing to do, he quickly realised it was the best for his whole family as it brought some much-needed brightness to their lives.

He said: "What happened was the atmosphere was so dark around these events of course, but particularly around Peaches, and the grave loss to her sisters....

"I had bought her an engagement ring, he never hassled me to marry her or anything, i just thought I'm very comfortable and happy with this girl for the rest of my life.

"But I stuck the ring in a drawer, I thought, 'This is wildly inappropriate' but five days after we buried Peaches, we could barely speak with grief and I didn't want the girls going off back to their own homes and wallowing in this, they're too young.

"The atmosphere was so clogged we needed to let some air into the room and some light into the air.

"So, corny as it is - please take it as a wizened old man, John Lennon was right - love is all you need. It may not be enough but it is all you need."