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Blue star Antony Costa warns all parents to be trained in first aid

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Blue star Antony Costa warns all parents to be trained in first aid

Blue star Antony Costa believes all parents should be trained in first aid following the "shock" he experienced when his daughter had a fit.

The 34-year-old singer has urged mums and dads to be taught what to do in a medical emergency after his youngest child Savannah - who was just eight months old at the time - seemingly had "a bit of a cold" which turned into a frightening fit.

Speaking to BANG Showbiz about the incident that sent him into "shock" but spurred him and his fiancée Rosanna Jasmin to take up the course, Antony said: "(Savannah) started fitting one night and we were out and luckily there were people around us to help, because I went into shock. We did a first aid course a week later and I ain't one for preaching but I would say to young dads, or young mums and families out there, to go and get a first aid course. Because you just never know if and when it well ever happen."

Antony's daughter was rushed to hospital and treated for a virus, which had caused her temperature to shoot up and caused her to have a febrile convulsion.

The 'One Love' hitmaker - who is currently starring in the UK tour of musical 'Save the Last Dance for Me' - continued: "When it happened I didn't have a clue, but when it's a baby it is instinct, and people were panicking and you can do the mouth to mouth thing, it's so scary, but as I said I would definitely advise people to get trained."