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Blake Shelton stunned by Gwen Stefani songs

Blake Shelton stunned by Gwen Stefani songs

Blake Shelton still can't believe Gwen Stefani has written songs about them.

The 40-year-old country singer began romancing his fellow 'Voice' coach last year following the breakdown of their marriages and he finds it "crazy" that not only are they now together, but that their romance has been a source of inspiration to the No Doubt singer.

He said: "It's still hard for me to wrap my head around Gwen Stefani having written songs she says, I know, are about us and me.

"I caught a bunch of her shows out on tour and it's weird to hear her say, 'This next song I'm gonna do is about a cowboy.' I'm like, 'What? I can't believe that.' So crazy."

And Blake, whose new album, 'If I'm Honest', features songs inspired by both Gwen and his divorce from Miranda Lambert, admitted he never expected to write so many songs about the 46-year-old blonde beauty.

He told 'Extra': "You got to pull from your real-life experiences... It's an outlet for me, helping me through a rough time and now it's creating a good time for me.

"I don't think I set out to have so many songs about Gwen on the record; I just wanted to sing about things I was feeling and thinking about at that moment."

The 'Lonely' hitmaker is preparing to go on tour next month and isn't afraid to "beg" his girlfriend to watch him perform.

When asked if Gwen will catch him on the tour, he said: "I hope so. I know that if she comes out to one of my shows, she's done it once before, I think she'd be open to doing it again... I'm not too proud to beg."