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Blac Chyna wants to have 'fun' with new pregnancy

Blac Chyna wants to have 'fun' with new pregnancy

Blac Chyna is going to "have a lot of fun" with her second pregnancy.

Christina Milian is thrilled her close pal - who already has three-year-old King Cairo with her ex-partner Tyga - is expecting another child, her first with husband-to-be Rob Kardashian.

She said: "I was actually around with her first pregnancy, and she was asking me questions about it. So it's cool to see it come back around.

"She's a great mother overall. I went to her son's last birthday party. She throws great parties for her kids. She's going to have a lot of fun, I think, having two.

"I sent her a message a week ago just congratulating her. And she just said, 'Thank you. Love you.'"

And the 34-year-old singer and television personality is so glad the 28-year-old model has found love with Rob, 28.

Speaking at the Power Up Gala in Los Angeles, she added: "I'm happy for both of them. It's great to see Rob back out and about. And understandably so, because she's got an amazing personality, she's a beautiful girl. It's just such a great fit.

"You know I think they're just living. You know regardless of everything being for the cameras. With Chyna she's naturally been a very vocal person and fun, but she's still private to a degree. They're just being themselves but at the same time. They are just living and supporting each other."

Meanwhile, Blac is said to be currently suffering with bad morning sickness.

A source said: "Chyna had a bit of morning sickness and felt pretty tired but is doing OK. Rob and Chyna will be getting one of the rooms in his house all ready for the baby. Chyna told [son] King about his new sibling on the way."