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Blac Chyna reveals weight gain

Blac Chyna reveals weight gain

Blac Chyna has gained 20lbs since getting pregnant.

The 28-year-old make-up artist - who already has three-year-old son King Cairo with ex-boyfriend Tyga - is expecting her first child with fiance Rob Kardashian, and is already seeing her figure change as the baby grows.

In a Snapchat video apparently taken in her home, she stepped on the scale and said: "Let's see... Uh oh! Mommy gained 20 pounds."

Later, Chyna snuggled on the couch to watch TV with her son, and the little boy enquired as to whether she is expecting a boy or a girl.

She laughed and said: "I don't know, what do you want it to be?"

At one point in the clip, King Cairo curled up on top of his mother, but jumped away when he realised he might be hurting the baby.

He asked: "Am I squishing the baby?"

Chyna laughed and replied: "No, you're not squishing the baby."

The post about her weight gain came just a few days after the outspoken star - who announced she was pregnant last month, a few weeks after she and Rob, 29, got engaged after a whirlwind romance - slammed people for criticising her pregnancy style and size.

She wrote: "To all you people out here with negative comments and insecure words (obviously because you have nothing else to do but criticize the next) I AM HAVING A BABY.

"Exactly what do you expect to see? If I walked out in makeup and heels everyday to be beautiful to you means I WOULD BE MISERABLE AND UNHAPPY which are two vibes I refuse to transfer to my little one.(sic)"

And the pregnancy hasn't been easy on Chyna as she has reportedly been suffering from bad morning sickness.

A source said: "Chyna had a bit of morning sickness and felt pretty tired but is doing OK. Rob and Chyna will be getting one of the rooms in his house all ready for the baby."