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Billy Connolly 'shaken psychologically' by Parkinson's

Billy Connolly 'shaken psychologically' by Parkinson's

Billy Connolly's wife says he has been "shaken psychologically" after being diagnosed with Parkinson's disease - but is able to make light of the situation.

The 73-year-old comedian was first treated for the early symptoms of the degenerative disorder in September 2013 and while he has in shock initially, Pamela Stephenson insists he is "doing really well" and often jokes about his condition when the disease forces his arm into a crooked position.

Writing in Woman & Home magazine, she explained: "There is no doubt he has been shaken psychologically by the idea of having a creeping disease for which there is no cure.

"But physically we had seen very little change in him. Even now, I rarely notice his hand shaking and we have been informed that the disease is on his left side, a blessing for a right-handed person. Even Billy's specialist remarked that the average person would never know he had it.

"He was upset but after a while began to joke about it. He now talks about carrying an 'invisible raincoat' - referring to how his arm goes into a crooked position as if he is carrying a garment. All in all, we are enormously blessed because Billy is actually doing really well."

Pamela, 66, insists the 'Man Who Sued God' actor is "as funny as he's ever been", but she never accompanies him on his tours for fear of being the target of some of his quips.

He added: "He hates me showing up when he's on tour. I imagine that's because on stage he's often funny at my expense."

She joked: "B*****d!"

Billy was diagnosed with Parkinson's in the same week he was told he had prostate cancer and had two hearing aids fitted, but recently admitted he goes to work to "stay positive" about his battle with the disease.