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Billie Piper talks downsides of fame

Billie Piper talks downsides of fame

Billie Piper struggles with being a role model.

The 33-year-old actress - who split from husband Laurence Fox in March and recently started dating Tribes frontman Johnny Lloyd - revealed she is not a fan of fame, even if it does have some perks.

When asked about playing strong, women, she told the Daily Mirror newspaper: "It's not easy just to be really successful and ambitious and accomplished.

"It's not as simple as that. It's great there are loads of strong role models, but it's also great to see the truth behind that which is that it's not something that comes easy. There's always a struggle. That's the truth.

"I enjoy going to places where people don't know who I am - it gives me a sense of how much I enjoy being anonymous!

"The perks though... there are wonderful perks. Queue jumping is the best - sorry, but it is! The lack of ID. But I think I'd be happy to let them go."

Although Billie has moved on after her divorce, Laurence, 37, recently claimed he is "completely abstinent in that way" and is spending all his time being dad to his sons Eugene, four, and Winston, seven.

He said: "I'm completely abstinent in that way. I'm firmly Dad at the moment and occasionally festivals. I see at least 50 per cent of my sons at the moment.

"I juggle being a dad and my career with great difficulty, but I have to work and earn money and pay for my life. It's fine, it's sort of OK - everyone has to do it. It's not an easy ride through parenthood. I need help at the moment. I've got my mum, who's helped out."