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Big Brother's Chelsea Singh sent to Others house

Big Brother's Chelsea Singh sent to Others house

Chelsea Singh was sent to 'Big Brother's Other house during the show's live twist episode.

The rich businessman was stripped of his housemate status to join the likes of Charlie Doherty and Hughie Maughan in the second house after being chosen as the "biggest horror" in the house.

Calling him into the diary room, Big Brother told him: "Chelsea, you are about to vanish from the Big Brother house. You are no longer a housemate."

Meanwhile, Big Brother also officially revealed The Other house to the housemates.

Despite already seemingly knowing about the other house, they seemed surprised as they were told they had been living next door to another set of contestants who were working to take their places in the main house.

Former 'The Valleys' star Lateysha Grace said: "I f***ing knew there was another house. This is a mind f**k."

Later in the episode, Marco Pierre White Jr. - who is close friends with Chelsea - was called into the diary room to explain how he felt about the entrepreneur leaving the main house.

He said: "I'm upset. I'm upset. I miss the guy. I'm really upset about it. I don't care if I go somewhere, I just want Chelsea back. I don't [think he deserved to be called the biggest horror]. I don't think anyone deserves to be called the biggest horror. They should have f***ing put it on me. I'm really upset. If you want me to go, I'll go now. I'm just f***ing worn out, mentally and physically."

When asked what he'd miss most about Chelsea, he said: "Everything. Chatting to him at night. Just cracking jokes. His laugh. Everything. I miss the guy. He's a cool cat."