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Big Brother nominations revealed

Big Brother nominations revealed

Laura Carter, Jackson Blyton, Jason Burrill and Jayne Connery have been put up for eviction on 'Big Brother'.

The four contestants make up the last group of housemates to be nominated on the reality show as the final looms.

And in a shocking twist, the entire nominations - which usually take place in secret, away from the other contestants with just Big Brother present - were streamed for the whole house to see.

When Jackson nominated Jason for not wanting to "get involved anymore", the aspiring actor - who worked as Dave Bautista's body double in 'SPECTRE' - admitted he was "fuming" by the nomination and likened it to being thrown under a bus. However, Jackson tried to defend his decision, claiming he thought Jason might want to leave as he threatened to quit the day before.

Jason was also nominated by Sam Giffen, who he slammed for kicking Lateysha Grace from the house.

Giving a reason for his decision, Sam said: "I feel like he has played a bit of a game."

Whilst he added he was disappointed with Laura, who he also nominated, for calling him "Lateysha's little b***h".

Elsewhere, Evelyn Ellis and Jackson nominated each other as did Jason and Jayne.

However, producers have yet another shocking twist in store. After taking part in a task with his fellow housemates, Sam was given the power to change the nomination line up.

He will be able to save one of the nominated contestants - Jason, Laura, Jackson or Jayne - but will have to choose one of those who haven't been nominated to put up for eviction.

'Big Brother' continues on Wednesday night (20.07.16), with a live eviction taking place on Friday (22.07.16).