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Bethenny Frankel's 'bad' divorce

Bethenny Frankel's 'bad' divorce

Bethenny Frankel is still battling the "bad effects" of her divorce.

The 45-year-old reality TV star cut ties with her ex-husband Jason Hoppy once and for all in July when their marriage was dissolved in the eyes of the law, but she has admitted she's still fighting the consequences of their bitter split and hates that their six-year-old daughter Bryn is struggling.

Speaking to Us Weekly magazine, she said: "There are still some bad parts that I definitely thought would be gone.

"But the hardest parts have been anything that seems negative for my daughter. Anything that is unnecessarily negative for my daughter is really challenging for me.

"You know, you kind of have to look inside, find your strength."

The brunette beauty - who was married to Jason for six years - is now dating her new man Dennis Shields but believes her sour split from her former spouse has changed her opinion of men.

She explained: "Integrity and kindness now are so much more important than I ever even realised, because I didn't realise how many people don't have it. I think I've been pretty sheltered in my emotional estimation of people. I've gotten pretty surprised."

And, although she's very loved up with Dennis, whom she's been dating for almost a year, Bethenny doesn't know if she wants to get married again because it'll be her third time down the aisle.

She said: "I finally got to the place where everything is settled. Why start to, like, throw it up in the air again? I'm not looking for helicopters to fly over my house while I wear some big, white poufy dress. I don't feel ready for that right now."

Bethenny - who separated from Jason in 2012 - has been banned from speaking about the terms of her divorce but first requested for their marriage to be terminated in January 2013.

A custody agreement was finalised in June 2014 but they were battling over their properties and businesses for over two years until they finally came to an agreement in July 2016.

Bethenny was also married to Peter Sussman for a year between 1996 and 1997.