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Bethenny Frankel 'always apologising' for success

Bethenny Frankel 'always apologising' for success

Bethenny Frankel feels like she's "always apologising for being successful".

The 46-year-old television personality has said she often feels guilty for her fame and will "hide half the things" she does out of fear of gloating to those less fortunate than her.

Speaking during an episode of 'Real Housewives of New York City' which aired on Bravo on Wednesday (02.08.17), she said: "I feel like I'm always apologising for being successful. Like I'm self-conscious that it happened for me and I want to make everybody feel good and maybe I don't. I'm hiding half the things that I do because I feel that I don't want to gloat."

It isn't the first time Bethenny has spoken about her financial situation, as she revealed that since her divorce from businessman Jason Hoppy - with whom she has seven-year-old daughter Bryn - in 2016, she's been working toward making sure women feel inspired to be "independent" and "make their own money".

She said: "I'm going to inspire and help women to be independent and make their own money and have their own life and not be in a situation where they can't get out.

"I mean, the bottom line is, if I didn't have the means to not be in a negative situation, it could go on forever and it could be even more difficult. I have a beautiful home for my daughter here and in the Hamptons; I can provide her with an education; I'm not stressing out about bills or things."

And Bethenny thinks it's "important" for women to be independent.

She added: "I think it's important for my message to be that women don't need to depend upon a man -- to only want the ring and the dress and to be focused on the wrong things. Marriage is a great institution, but I think that it's important for women to be independent."