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Benedict Cumberbatch uses meditation and mindfulness to distress from his filming career

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Benedict Cumberbatch uses meditation and mindfulness to distress from his filming career

Benedict Cumberbatch used meditation to help him focus on set.

The 40-year-old 'Sherlock' actor has revealed he practised calming techniques whilst filming for his role as the Marvel superhero Doctor Stephen Strange in 'Doctor Strange', which sees him seek healing after being involved in a car crash.

Speaking about the relaxation method, he told the I newspaper: "I practise meditating and mindfulness, but that's as much tool to be a better person, hopefully.

"The idea that is very prevalent in this film - that your mind has the power to shape reality.

"You can imagine having a few nightmares with that world in your head."

The 'Star-Trek' star has admitted he was "adamant" the cast would jet to Kathmandu, the capital of Nepal where he taught English to monks when he was 20 years old, to shoot scenes for the production because he wanted to see if the city was "still working" after the natural disaster hit in 2015.

He explained: "I was really adamant we had to go - even more to film there.

"We wanted to show the world that Kathmandu was still working."

However, Benedict has revealed his first visit to Nepal was "scary".

He said: "We got lost for a day and a half. We had to spend a night on a mountainside, which was pretty scary."

Meanwhile Benedict, who has 16-month-old son Christopher with his wife Sophie Hunter and are expecting their second child together, has credited his spouse as the true superhero.

Speaking about his partner, he said: "Although obviously the real superhero was my wife."

And the star has admitted he is in awe of his 38-year-old wife parenting skills and admits he is still learning when it comes to being a dad.

Speaking previously, he said: "It's Sophie's biggest achievement. I'm still trying to prove myself as a dad. We're expecting our second. I'm very excited. I'll be there all the way, absolutely."