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Bella Hadid: I'm a typical middle child

Bella Hadid: I'm a typical middle child

Bella Hadid is a "typical middle child".

The 19-year-old model has opened up about her famous family, which includes her supermodel sister Gigi, 21, and brother Anwar, 16, and admits she's the person who likes to be the one who makes sure everyone is "happy" and "satisfied".

She explained: "I am definitely the typical middle child. I love making sure everybody around me is happy, peaceful, and satisfied."

Bella has followed her older sibling Gigi into modelling and was taught early on by her mother Yolanda Foster - who divorced their father Mohamed Hadid in 2000 - that she should be "happy" when working because the audience can see how you're feeling in the finished photos.

Asked for her advice for taking the best photo on set, she said: "My mom always taught me to think about something happy when I'm working, because it kind of shows through your face. I used to think about my horses, but now I think about other things."

Bella is in a relationship with Abel Tesfaye, better known as The Weeknd, and says starring in the music video for his song 'In The Night' allowed her to witness her boyfriend's "passion" for his "art" and she loved being able to work with him by combining her modelling and the 26-year-old star's music.

She told Elle magazine: "I love seeing him happy and passionate about his art. Being able to see how he works, and put both of our workplaces together, turned out to be really beautiful."

And things seem to be moving quickly for the couple who have reportedly decided to move in together after dating for just over a year.

A source previously said: "Bella and Abel have decided to take the next step in their romance and move in with one another."