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'Baby dinosaur' Emily Ratajkowski

'Baby dinosaur' Emily Ratajkowski

Emily Ratajkowski's nickname is "the baby dinosaur".

The 'We Are Your Friends' actress admits she is very clumsy and often bumps into things or drops food on herself.

She said: "My friends call me a baby dinosaur because I'm always knocking into things and spilling on myself."

And the 24-year-old beauty - who is dating musician Jeff Magid - has admitted she is also very messy and finds it a "miracle" that she manages to look presentable in public.

She said: "I was cleaning my car - my boyfriend's mum is coming to visit and my car was really messy.

"I emptied out two trash bags of stuff. I might look pulled together, but it's a miracle because I'm a really messy person."

The 'Gone Girl' star likes an "understated and retro" look, and has to take particular care not to look like a "drag queen" when working with hair and make-up artists.

She told InStyle magazine: "My go-to look is definitely wannabe French girl - feminine, but just super, super cool. I love understated and retro.

"Hair and make-up always kill me. I have really big features and a lot of make-up artists get carried away and make me look like a drag queen."