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Aziz Ansari shatters ‘everyman’ archetype in new Netflix show

Aziz Ansari shatters ‘everyman’ archetype in new Netflix show

Actor Aziz Ansari wants viewers of his new television series Master of None to embrace the idea that the everyman "isn’t a straight white guy”.

The 32-year-old funnyman has set a new precedent with the fledgling Netflix programme, because his role makes him the first Indian-American actor to play a romantic lead in U.S. TV history.

“It’s really cool,” Aziz told Variety. “I just hope people realise by watching Master of None that the everyman isn’t a straight white guy. In most TV shows and in film, when you see the everyman, it’s always a straight white guy. In reality, the everyman is everybody.

"Everybody has an interesting, compelling narrative no matter their background, ethnicity, sexuality, gender. I wanted to represent that perspective in our show.”

The role comes after one of Aziz’s most successful roles to date saw him playing eccentric administrator Tom Haverford on comedy Parks and Recreation, opposite Amy Poehler.

Aziz created Master of None with Parks and Recreation writer Alan Yang, and the actor noted their collaboration began two years ago when he was finding it hard to land substantial parts, due to his race.

“I would have never gotten a role like this if I did not come up with it on my own,” Aziz said. “Normally no one would have sent me a rich script as this. They would have sent me stuff that’s versions of things I’ve done in the past or playing a guy with an Indian accent. It’s really hard for minority actors to get roles in Hollywood. I think as more and more creators from diverse backgrounds come together, things can change.”

Aziz’s co-writer and co-creator believes their diverse approach works really well, as their latest offering turned out to be unique as a result of fusing disparate cultures onscreen.

“Our show is very personal and shows different perspectives that we haven’t seen on TV before,” Alan said.

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