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Ayda Field's soccer seduction plan

Ayda Field's soccer seduction plan

Ayda Field dressed up in a Manchester United top and stilettos to seduce Robbie Williams.

The 37-year-old actress pulled out all the stops to look sexy for her soccer-loving spouse - who is a Port Vale fan - after he found their carefully-timed love making efforts in a bid for her to get pregnant a turn off.

She said: "Rob and I did it with precision effort, with times scale you know. There's a certain window [for getting pregnant], and for some reason he did not find that attractive. We were all, you know, legs in the air, hold on don't pee. But I remember he would say, 'This is not attractive or sexy'.

"I remember I thought, 'Oh I know what I'll do'. So, I went into the studio and I was wearing a Manchester United top and stilettos, and thought 'This will do the trick'."

However, Robbie - who has children Teddy, three, and Charlton, 20 months, with Ayda - quickly saw through his wife's plan.

Speaking on UK TV show 'Loose Women', Ayda said: "He looked at me and was like, 'You're just trying to have a baby aren't you?' "

Since joining 'Loose Women' as an occasional panellist, Ayda has made a number of revelations about her husband, and recently admitted she and the 'Angels' singer have a "running joke" out of spotting his sexual conquests on the TV.

She said: "It's my running joke with Rob that every time we turn on the television, he's slept with someone. I love the game. It doesn't matter if it's a prize drama or a TV show, there'll be somebody he's slept with.

"It even happened at a 'Mummy and me' class in Los Angeles once. All of a sudden, Rob drops and rolls into the foam pit, and is like 'Pssst, pssst, babe, come here, I slept with that mum and I can't remember her name.' "