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Audrina Patridge's pregnancy 'hangover'

Audrina Patridge's pregnancy 'hangover'

Audrina Patridge says pregnancy is like having a "major hangover".

The former 'Hills' star revealed on Friday (18.12.15) she and fiance Corey Bohan are expecting their first child together, and she has now opened up more about her happy news.

She wrote on her website: "So far, I haven't had any morning sickness, I just feel very tired and like I have a major hangover when I wake up, which is a change for me because I'm constantly on-the-go!" she said. "As far as finding out the sex of the baby...We just want it to be healthy:) Girl or boy, we will be ecstatic either way!

"Corey's mum wants it to be a surprise, but I don't know if I'll be able to wait! I guess we will just have to wait and see.

"God has a plan for us, and even though it is all happening so fast, I am confident that I'm ready to be a mama!"

Audrina - who hasn't revealed how far along she is in her pregnancy - told her friends and family she was pregnant before making the news public because she couldn't convincingly explain another reason why she wasn't drinking alcohol at a dinner party.

She said: "I told everyone I was on a detox cleanse to cover my lack of alcohol consumption.

"With the combination of my poor lying skills and Corey's perma-smile, we were given 'the look' over and over again by our friends and family, so it's safe to say the secret was not a secret much longer!"