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Aubrey Plaza left mute by a stroke at the age of 20

Aubrey Plaza left mute by a stroke at the age of 20

Aubrey Plaza had a stroke at the age of 20 that left her mute.

The 'Parks and Recreation' star has spoken of the traumatic incident that left her unable to communicate or express herself, including the inability to write her thoughts.

Speaking to The Guardian newspaper about her harrowing experience, Aubrey explained: "I had expressive aphasia, where I could understand what's happening, but I couldn't talk or communicate. Like, you could say something and I would know what you meant but I couldn't express it or even write it.

"That was the weirdest part. When they gave me a piece of paper and a pen I just kept writing lines instead of words."

Despite being terrified about being in that state long-term, the 32-year-old actress took a very philosophical approach to her condition, even when she was paralysed.

She said: "But at least I could walk. When it first happened to me I was paralysed, but I was so young that my brain healed itself really fast. I was really lucky in that way."

While shooting her latest film 'Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates' she discovered her co-star Adam Devine had a similarly traumatic experience when he was younger, or as Aubrey says "we both had really major health crises".

The 32-year-old 'Pitch Perfect' actor was hit by a cement truck and as a result of his injuries he had to learn to walk again, and his co-star believes their experiences have left them with a similar outlook on life.

Aubrey said: "I'm pretty sure that has a lot to do with his approach to life, and with me it's the same thing.

"Things take on a different meaning when death comes so close. I was older but he was still growing, and his thing was much more directly physical."

She added: "He reminds me of someone I grew up with. I feel like we might have had crazy, similar white-trash upbringings, surrounded by party animals, so we have a similar kind of sensibility."