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Ashton Kutcher's baby gate build

Ashton Kutcher's baby gate build

Ashton Kutcher started to build baby gates for his and wife Mila Kunis' first child - but she insisted on buying the rest after one took him six months.

The former 'Two and a Half Men' star grafted away on the baby proofing material for their home when the brunette beauty was expecting their first child Wyatt, who is now 21 months old, but the 'Bad Moms' star has revealed she couldn't wait for him to construct any more from scratch.

She said: "The funny part was, when we figured out we were having a kid, we needed to baby-proof the house.

"And aesthetically, he has a very particular taste. He didn't want baby gates, he didn't want the metal gates, plastic gates. He's like, 'I'm going to build the baby gates.'

"He can do it, he just takes a very long time. Unless it's your number one job priority. One baby gate took six months. We needed four. I was like we don't have time. I was like, 'It's beautiful, this is a work of art babe, but we need four.' "

But the 32-year-old stunner is grateful she can rely on her "handyman" husband, 38, to do a lot of the practical jobs around the house instead of hiring a professional.

Speaking on 'The Talk', she added: "He's a Midwestern boy and his dad is a carpenter, so he makes things.

"You know, I don't really have a plumber or handyman. I have a husband, and so like, I have a genuine 'honey-do list' for the weekend where I'm like this is a bad drawer figure this out. This door is squeaky."