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Ashley Tisdale feels misunderstood

Ashley Tisdale feels misunderstood

Ashley Tisdale is "deeper than what people expect."

The 'High School Musical' actress - who runs her own production company, Blondie Girl Productions - believes she is misunderstood and insists there is more to her than meets the eye.

The 29-year-old star said: "I think people have a perspective of me that I'm this blonde and I just like to shop. I'm deeper than what people expect. Even with my production company, people think I have somebody else running it, but then they start to see, 'Wow, she does do it.' "

Ashley, who produces ABC Family's 'Young & Hungry,' likes to champion female-driven projects because she thinks there are "a lot of dudes" in Hollywood.

She told the June issue of Health magazine: "I feel like it's so important to support other women and their dreams.

"It's a hard business to break into. It's hard to tell women's stories because they don't know where the audience is for female-driven movies. But it's like, look at 'Bridesmaids'! We are there! It's always been about women. That's what we're interested in; that's what the brand is. It's cool. That is so important to cheer on."

But Ashley hasn't given up on her own acting dreams.

She said: "One of my main goals is to win an Emmy for Best Actress."

The blonde beauty credits the late actress Brittany Murphy for inspiring her to keep going several years ago.

She said: "I met her backstage at a Kids' Choice Awards. I was doing pilots, but they weren't getting picked up. I was just like, 'I am your biggest fan.' She said, 'Are you an actress? OK, you gotta keep going. Whatever you do, never give up.' She pinkie-promised me, and it was such a boost of confidence."