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Armie Hammer: Too fat for film!

Armie Hammer: Too fat for film!

Armie Hammer got told off by Guy Ritchie for eating too many Scotch eggs.

The American actor stars alongside Henry Cavill in the director's new flick Man From U.N.C.L.E.. It follows two agents who join forces to stop a mysterious organisation from using nuclear weapons during the Cold War.

For such a slick flick the guys had to dress dapper throughout, which had Guy worried when one of his leading men started piling on the pounds.

"Beer? Oh yes, Scotch eggs. They're delightful," he told E! News when asked whether it was true that Guy hunted him down at the pub during filming to stop him from eating the British speciality; deep-fried eggs coated in sausage meat and breadcrumbs. "It's true. He's the boss. You gotta do what Guy says, especially when you're getting a little fat."

Armie had nothing but praise for the filmmaker during his interview and says Guy goes out of his way to keep things easygoing on set. The 28-year-old star felt privileged to join the "crew" of regulars Guy turns to for his projects.

Henry echoed Armie's words, sharing how comfortable he felt during production

"The great dynamic that Guy creates on set, and I think he maybe even sometimes picked his actors for, is their ability to get on and create and enjoyable environment to work in," he added.

The pair have already gushed about how they couldn't get enough of working with each other too. Earlier this year, Armie revealed he and Henry were inseparable.

"I'll be honest, it was really hard keeping us apart on set," he told CinemaCon. "I mean, it was like Velcro. You know, just, once we were together the chemistry was there."

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