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Ariana Grande talks 'perks of fame'

Ariana Grande talks 'perks of fame'

Ariana Grande thinks avoiding chores is one of the best "perks" of fame.

The 'Dangerous Woman' hitmaker is "embarrassed" by her lack of domesticity but insists it is largely because she is away working a lot of the time.

She said: "I'm embarrassed but I can't remember the last time I did the dishes or took out the trash.

"I'm on the road so much and in hotels all the time.

"I guess one of the perks of travelling so much for work is you get out of chores."

Despite starting her career when she was just 13 years old, Ariana feels "super-lucky" and doesn't think she missed out on her childhood.

She told heat magazine: "I just feel super-lucky. My childhood was a bit different, but really normal in a lot of ways too."

The 22-year-old star is a big fan of Miley Cyrus because of her confidence and daring nature, and hopes she can set a similar example to her own fans.

She said: "I love Miley's confidence and how she tries new things all the time.

"Like her, I'm really trying to push myself to try new things too...

"I think it's really important to stick up for what you believe in and what's right.

"I am so proud of myself for seeing that I am strong enough to take control and feel comfortable with who I am. I want others to feel that same way too."

And Ariana hopes her latest album, 'Dangerous Woman', shows how she has tried to challenge herself more.

She said: "I'm growing up and my new music reflects that.

"I wanted to take risks, step out of my comfort zone musically and really challenge myself."