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Ariana Grande forgets fame

Ariana Grande forgets fame

Ariana Grande "forgets" she's famous.

The 'Problem' singer admits she sometimes doesn't think about the fact eyes are always on her and is surprised when pictures of her out in public wearing her pyjamas then surface online.

Asked how fame has changed her, she said: "Maybe I'm a little bit more sensitive about things, but I try to keep it as real as possible.

"Sometimes I'll forget and go outside in my pyjamas and the next day I'll see a bunch of photos of me at the grocery store. That's always weird"

While she gets shocked by other people's photos of her, the 21-year-old singer loves taking her own pictures, especially selfies alongside her beloved pet dogs.

She said: "I love taking selfies and I use filters when I take them.

"My favourite on the iPhone is 'tonal' because I love black and white.

"My favourite selfie co-stars are my dogs. I have a really funny photo of my dog Coco that looks like she took it herself. A Coco selfie!"

Despite attracting negative attention online, Ariana only has well wishes for her trolls.

She told Top of the Pops magazine: "There have been a few trolls online but I try not to pay to pay too much attention to them just because I don't really like to combat negativity.

"Negativity comes from a place of negativity, so I'm just wishing them well."