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Anything Grows: Aonghus McAnally thrilled after having hair transplant

Aonghus McAnally and his trademark bushy hair from the 1980s (inset)
Aonghus McAnally and his trademark bushy hair from the 1980s (inset)

Broadcaster Aonghus McAnally has revealed he recently got a hair transplant because he felt he was losing part of his identity when his hair began to thin out.

The actor, musician and producer told RTE's Marian Finucane today on his 60th birthday that he took action after his hair had begun to thin out.

“Over the last 10 years initially and in the last 5 years particularly the problem just exacerbated a lot, I noticed my hair was thinning and suddenly began to disappear”

“For me my hair has always defined me” continued McAnally who’s best remembered for his work on children’s Saturday morning TV show, where he had bushy hair and wore one yellow and red shoe. 

McAnally felt his thinning out on top meant he was losing part of his identity.

“People would remember, you’re the fella with the hair and the shoes”.

The surgery cost “many thousands of euros”, and McAnally said he was able to afford it after his beloved mother died.

“A lovely wind fall from my mother who I am sure would be looking down on me saying 'there ya are now son don’t say I never do anything for you'."

McAnally was uncomfortable about his thinning hair line for quite some time, he said, and decided to do something about it after his mother died.

“Mam passed away over a year ago and I decided having looked after my family and looked after everything else, you know what, I’m going to do something for myself now to make me feel better.”

Losing his hair hit McAnally hard, and his late mother had even asked his wife Billie if he was OK with his hair loss.

“I began to feel not fully myself”.  

He refused however to join the trend of men who just cut their losses and shave it off: “I don’t think it would suit me, I didn’t want to do it”.

However, the issue kept cropping up every time he looked in the mirror or every time he posed for a photo.

“You see the pictures in the paper and all I could see was my bald head”

Three weeks on from the hair transplant, McAnally explained his confidence has improved.

“I suddenly felt much younger, I felt fresher, I felt happier, and I don’t think you could put a price on how that makes you feel”. 

“I can’t tell you the difference it has made to me. We’re in early days yet it won’t really take shape until the next eight or nine months or whatever,” McAnally said.

He compared the transplant to “planting roses”.

“After the eight or ten-hour procedure you go home and you’re spraying the water on it,” he said, adding that he watched Billy Elliot during the painless procedure.

McAnally feels the money he spent on the procedure is extremely justified because of the nature of his work.

“I’m in show business it’s what I do”.

“I don’t drink, I don’t smoke, but I have invested this money in my future as a professional person”.