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Antony Costa wants Lee Ryan to perform wedding

Antony Costa wants Lee Ryan to perform wedding

Antony Costa would be "honoured" if Lee Ryan got ordained to perform his wedding ceremony.

The Blue singer is to tie the knot with his fiancée Rosanna Jasmin and has confessed he'd love it if his Blue bandmate was able to announce them as man and wife, but also admitted he would find it funny.

Asked about reports he was planning to get ordained, Lee exclusively told BANG Showbiz: "I was actually thinking about it but I wasn't going to tell him but it came out in the press quickly before I was going to tell him."

Antony said: "That's nice, man, I'd like that ... I would actually p**s myself laughing but it would be an honour."

However, the 33-year-old star - who has eight-month-old daughter Savannah with Rosanna - admitted he doesn't know what his upcoming nuptials will involve as of yet.

He said: "I ain't got a clue yet ... Rosanna's always looking at magazines and s**t. As soon as I wake up [she starts talking about it]."

Antony and Lee's bandmates - Simon Webbe and Duncan James - are looking forward to seeing their pal walk down the aisle but insist they won't be performing any of their hit singles on the big day.

Simon said: "I don't think Antony wants us singing on the day."

Duncan added: "I do love a good wedding ... You always get someone who gets too drunk, somebody crying in the stairwell because they've split up with their boyfriend or something and you've got kids skidding on the floor."