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Antony Costa: Kids are expensive

Antony Costa: Kids are expensive

Antony Costa isn't planning to have more children because they are so "expensive" to raise.

The Blue singer - who was declared bankrupt in 2014 - admits he and fiancée Rosanna Jasmin aren't planning on expanding their family in the near future because babies need so much equipment and grow out of their clothes very quickly.

Asked if he's planning more kids, Antony - who has daughters Savannah, 22 months, with Rosanna, and Emilie, 12, with ex-fiancèe Lucy Bolster - said: "No not at the moment. Kids are expensive, I'm not the first and I'm not the last to say that. They're the best thing ever to happen to me but it is so expensive.

"You know prams and buggies and cots and where is it all gone? And two months later they've grown out of their clothes, and it's crazy but listen, let me work a few more years and then we'll see. "

And the 'All Rise' hitmaker admitted the primary reason for Blue getting back together was so he and bandmates Simon Webbe, Duncan James and Lee Ryan could make money.

He exclusively told to BANG Showbiz: "We're all dads now so the motives are you're literally working for your family now. You're working to pay the bills you're working to pay the rent and to pay the mortgage. And I think with me and the boys, we sort of sat down and we said, 'Look, we've had our fun, we've had a laugh, but now it's all about business. Let's put our business heads on now, and realise what we can achieve and what is good for us."