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Anna Kendrick is trying to be healthier

Anna Kendrick is trying to be healthier

Anna Kendrick is "trying to be" healthier.

The 'Pitch Perfect 2' star, who is set to celebrate her 30th birthday in August, wants to be in the best shape of her life when she celebrates the milestone, but claims she is struggling to accept how good she feels as a result of eating more vegetables.

She told the 'Ellen DeGeneres Show': "It's awful. It's the worst, and the worst part is I feel so much better. That's the worst part - is that, like, it works. [I'm] trying to work out and eat some vegetables. And it's awful. I hate it! But I feel like, 'Oh, this is how healthy people feel.' Yeah, alright, I get the appeal.

"I was really hoping I would just do it as an experiment. And I would feel exactly the same, and I could go back to eating Taco Bell whenever I wanted."

The Oscar-nominated star, who enjoys yoga, Pilates and "walking vigorously" to keep fit, recently admitted she thinks turning 30 will be "an easy transition."

She said: "I felt like when I turned 29, I was like, 'Well that's basically 30. So I've been sort of saying that I'm 30 for a year so it's gonna be an easy transition."

But Anna isn't planning to big bash for the occasion.

She added: "F**k that, I'm not doing a birthday party."