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Anna Faris found pregnancy boring

Anna Faris found pregnancy boring

Anna Faris was "bored" during her pregnancy.

The 39-year-old actress would like to have "one more" child with husband Chris Pratt but didn't enjoy carrying their son Jack, now three, so is wary of doing it again.

She said: "We both love kids, Chris and I have both dreamed about having a big family.

"But I didn't love pregnancy...I was just bored. I was uncomfortable at times, and Jack came early. He came two months early, so I'm now in a high-risk pregnancy category, but I would love to."

The 'Mom' actress also went into graphic detail about the intimate discomfort she suffered after giving birth.

Asked by Olivia Munn on her 'Anna Faris Is Unqualified' podcast about the "horror stories" that happen, she said: [The vagina] does come back. You finally understand what a 'pelvic floor' is. It's the muscles that surround your vagina. They throb for like two weeks...

"We should've been given more holes in general."

But despite the pain and discomfort, Anna insists it was all worth it just to see her spouse's face when they welcomed Jack into the world.

She added: "What makes up for whatever is happening in your pelvic floor area, Chris' face when Jack was being born is unforgettable.

"He's just sobbing...that was amazing, seeing his face."