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Andrew Morley has crush on Delta Goodrem

Andrew Morley has crush on Delta Goodrem

Neighbours' Andrew Morley has a crush on Delta Goodrem.

The 26-year-old actor - who has just joined the long-running Australian soap as mysterious Jack Callahan - has admitted he has the hots for the 'Lost Without You' hitmaker, 31, and couldn't resist asking for a photograph with her when they bumped into one another at the Logie Awards in May.

Asked why he captioned the photograph, "my date", the handsome star exclusively told BANG Showbiz: "I try and be funny, but my humour is a bit dry and a bit straight but no that was a bit of a fan moment I had always seen her growing up on TV and it was kind of one of those things where I was like 'oh wow I'm right with you right now hey can I get a selfie?' I felt like such fan. It was weird because like a hundred times that night I had been asked for a selfie and then I was asking her for a selfie and it was odd but in the end it paid off and I thought I'm gonna just promote it a little bit."

Andrew refused to disclose whether he's romancing anyone at the moment but said he feels "happy" with his love life.

He explained: "There's nothing that I want to go into, at the moment, but I'm at a happy place."