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Andrew Garfield bares his 'soul' in movies

Andrew Garfield bares his 'soul' in movies

Andrew Garfield gives fans his "soul".

'The Amazing Spider‑Man' star revealed he doesn't interact with people on social media sites like Twitter, Instagram and Facebook because he wants to give movie goers his "deepest self" through his acting work.

He said: "I just want to give them my work. I want to give them my soul. I don't want to give away the little tidbits of information that I don't think adds anything to the conversation for me. I wanna give my deepest self."

And the 32-year-old actor thinks social media is damaging.

He explained: "It's a huge conversation, isn't it? Cause I'm not dead against it but I also feel more attuned to potential damage that it could be causing our brains and our ability to be with ourselves and each other in an authentic and deep way. You can't get to anything that really meaningful. So I don't participate in it, not to say that I will never, but I don't have a reason to right now as far as I can see."

Meanwhile, the star - who's long-term partner is 'Birdman' actress Emma Stone, 26 - plays a single dad in his next film '99 Homes' and felt like he was "groping in the dark" with the character.

He told ET Online: "I kind of thought, 'Well, how do I do that? If I haven't experienced it, can I do it?' but then I realised that's the situation of every single father in the history of time. Everybody who becomes a father has never been a father before, so we're all going into this initiation totally blind and groping in the dark so I kind of went with that feeling of not knowing what the hell I was doing and it kind of helped."