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Anastacia: My sex symbol status 'scared' me

Anastacia: My sex symbol status 'scared' me

Anastacia was "scared" of her sex symbol status.

The 'Left Outside Alone' hitmaker admits she was initially hesitant of being known for her beauty and says it was a "great irony" when she got diagnosed with breast cancer.

She shared: "It's a great irony in my life that I absolutely hated my breasts and then I got breast cancer. These two little monsters - now I call them my twin set and they are just awesome. Now I'm just so very proud to be a woman.

"I'm extremely blessed - breast cancer brought more femininity my way than I knew what to do with. I had been so scared of it but now I embrace it. At the beginning of my career I was like, 'I'm a sex symbol? Oh my God, eww!'"

The 47-year-old singer also admits she was "extremely innocent" as a teenager.

She told the Big Issue magazine: "She was extremely innocent about the world, probably for too long.

"I didn't really understand how things worked out there, not until my career started and I had to make serious decisions."

Meanwhile, Anastacia previously admitted she "went crazy" for Botox when she was in her 30s.

She said: "I went crazy for Botox in my 30s. I would get it done every three months. But right after my divorce, I realised I needed to stop.

"Now I love seeing my face move. I did it all too early and it was too much. Now I love a ponytail. When the hair is pulled back, I feel like Young-a-stacia."