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Amy Schumer still can't sell her apartment

Amy Schumer still can't sell her apartment

Amy Schumer still can't sell her New York apartment - even though she has lowered the hefty price tag.

The 35-year-old comedian put her spacious New York apartment on the market for a whopping $2 million in November last year, but it seems as though the Upper West Side penthouse still isn't attracting buyers.

The apartment is a full-floor, one-bedroom unit that boasts features such as two wood burning fireplaces, high ceilings and multiple skylights. The pad even includes stairs to a private, landscaped rooftop terrace that includes a garden, deck seating and a grill.

The former home of the 'Trainwreck' actress has a separate living and dining area, and although the kitchen is on the small side, it is decked out with top of the range appliances.

In August, following the lack of offers on the property, the price for the townhouse - which is situated by the Museum of Natural History - dropped to $1.62 million.

The bad news for Amy comes after she recently revealed she had to shut down production on a film for a week after she contracted bronchitis.

The comic star was filming in Hawaii when she caught the respiratory illness, and producers had to cancel filming whilst she recovered.

Speaking at the time, she said: "I just finished filming a movie, I was in Hawaii all summer with Goldie Hawn ... I got really sick there. I got bronchitis, and I was exhausted, I was in the hospital, we had to stop shooting for a whole week.

"It was rock bottom. I couldn't speak. I coughed so hard I fractured my own ribs. So, that still kind of smarts."