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Amy Childs lost 'all sensitivity' in her lips

Amy Childs lost 'all sensitivity' in her lips

Amy Childs lost all sensitivity in her lips after having her fillers removed.

The former 'The Only Way is Essex' star - who is four months pregnant with partner Bradley Wright's baby - has turned her back on surgery after being left with no feeling in her lips after the removal of her continuous "free" filler top-ups and various medical issues with her breast implants.

Recalling the health scare cause by her desire to get the perfect pout on ITV daytime show 'This Morning', she said: "I had them (the fillers) taken all out and I lost everything, all sensitivity, everything, had no lips. I remember looking in the mirror thinking I'm going to have some corrective treatment. I went to a top doctor, he gave me a bit of corrective treatment."

Since the treatment, Amy has been filler-free for a year and isn't planning on undergoing anymore surgery in the future.

She said: "I haven't touched my lips for about a year and I'm not planning no lip fillers, I only had Botox when I was 18, and I read in magazines 'Oh Amy has had loads of Botox.' I haven't had Botox since, well 18."

Amy, 26, regrets not taking advice from her mother who she admits constantly tried to change her mind about having surgery at a young age.

The brunette beauty is adamant her unborn child will not be following in her surgery-obsessed footsteps and although she ignored her mum and went ahead, Amy insists her kid will not be given the option to go under the knife.

She said: "They are not allowed to go down that route. Young girls or guys talk about surgery to me and I say look really think about what you're going to go through. My daughter, if I have a daughter, will not be allowed know surgery. I know what I put my mum through now, I didn't listen but I do now. I'm older and wiser."