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Amelle Berrabah has OCD

Amelle Berrabah has OCD

Amelle Berrabah suffers with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD).

The 32-year-old singer believes she battles with the mental health condition because she won't allow herself to give up on something she's set her heart on, even if it takes her a lifetime to complete.

Speaking exclusively to BANG Showbiz, she said: "I'm quite competitive. If I say I'm gonna do something once I'm actually doing it I have to complete it. It could be an OCD thing, I dunno. I'd rather go a slow as I physically can. Just don't stop. Especially for charity and stuff like that, I mean I nearly had a heart attack when I did a sky jump for cancer research in memory of my father, but when I was up there I nearly had a heart attack. It's heart and dedication."

However, although she's keen to take on any challenge, the Sugababes star has admitted she's quite "picky" when it comes to work.

She explained: "I get approached for quite a few shows to be honest, it's just I'm quite picky. I did 'Tumble' because I love fitness it's something I'm very interested in and it's something I'm genuinely interested in and I wanted to learnt to do the Ariel. So I can't just do something half hardheartedly so it was a definite with 'MasterChef' because I love food but if I said yes to everything I'd be on every single show."