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Amber Rose: Women are 'constantly being put down'

Amber Rose: Women are 'constantly being put down'

Amber Rose thinks women are "constantly being put down".

The 32-year-old model says women are effectively "being bullied" all the time by being called horrible names and being talked down to.

She said: "People think I'm really controversial. I'm just really standing up for women. We are just sick of being talked down to, sick of being called "hoes" and "sluts", getting "slut shamed" and talked down on for the same things men do. People don't understand that's an extreme form of bullying. They bully women constantly and wonder why we are so insecure when they constantly put us down.

"Men and women put other women down. If you don't know what a slut walk is, it's for slut shaming, rape victims and sexual assault victims. Everything that we deal with as women, that's unfortunate. The term slut walk, some don't understand it but it's a very positive thing."

And Amber, who has three-year-old Sebastian with her former partner Wiz Khalifa, is thrilled she has a "platform" to raise these issues on her new talk show.

She added to NBCBLK's Kyle Harvey: "It definitely has been a journey, I've been working on this show for a year and a half. Initially, it was a daytime talk show, sort of a Ricki Lake vibe but I felt like I had a filter and it didn't sit well with me. VH1 hopped on board and said we could put you on at night so you can say whatever you want ...

"To be able to have this platform is so touching to me. I'm a feminist and those aspects are going to be involved in my show but my show is very fun. It's fun and late night, you want to laugh before you go to bed. We have comedy sketches and for my celebrity guests, I ask questions that no other host would ask, so you get to see a whole different side of them. It's just a really fun show."