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Amber Rose: I'm an open book

Amber Rose: I'm an open book

Amber Rose prefers to be an "open book".

The 32-year-old model thinks it is "cool" to be open and honest about everything and insists she has "nothing to hide".

She said: "I like to be an open book. I think it's cool. It also gives other women confidence as well - and tells them that it's okay if you're single to date people! It does not make you a whore, or a slut.

"You have to lay out your options. Being a single mom as well, I talk about those things on my show. I'm really open! I don't have any skeletons in my closet; I have nothing to hide."

And the mother-of-one - who has Sebastian, three, with her ex-partner Wiz Khalifa - insists nothing will be off limits on her chat show.

She added to "Nope, nothing at all. I'm not a malicious person; I'm not a mean person, so it's never going to be anything mean or rude. It's a good time show ...

"If someone asks a question and I can relate to it, I will. If I can't, I'll give it my best opinion or answer I can give, then I have a sex therapist, Dr. Chris Donaghue on the show with me, who is the expert who can weigh in. We did a segment together on 'The Doctors', and I was like, 'You know your s**t. I would love to have you on the show.' He's also going to be on my podcast - I took over LoveLine!"