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Amber Heard's 'pedantic' roles

Amber Heard's 'pedantic' roles

Amber Heard claims she is constantly given "pedantic" roles.

The 29-year-old actress insists she is regularly handed "over-played stereotypes" because of her age and admits there is "fierce competition" in Hollywood for lead female roles.

She told The Independent's Radar magazine: "Because there are few parts, there's fierce competition and anything that's led by a woman is not finance-able. So those movies are typically under-financed and under-budgeted and under-made. Film-makers are 90 per cent male, so we don't have a more balanced perspective from our storytellers. We're way behind in this possibly progressive medium.

"It takes not just actors and actresses noticing it. It takes audiences saying, 'I will show up to see a movie led by a female cast or one focused on the female life or elements of female perspective.'"

Meanwhile, in her personal life, the 'Magic Mike XXL' star - who is married to Johnny Depp - is looking forward to turning 30.

She said previously: "I can't wait to turn 30! Every year that goes by, I feel better about who I am and my perspective on my life. It's a good feeling. I like to think I'm part of a generation that defies rules and expectations and traditional kinds of thinking."