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Amber Heard pleads guilty to falsifying documents in dog trial

Amber Heard pleads guilty to falsifying documents in dog trial

Amber Heard's dog smuggling charges have been dropped after she pleaded guilty to supplying false documents.

The 29-year-old actress - who is the wife of Hollywood actor Johnny Depp - faced two charges of illegal importation for her two Yorkshire terriers Pistol and Boo and one charge for producing a false document after bringing them into Queensland, Australia last year.

Amber and her 'Black Mass' actor husband attended Southport Magistrate's Court in Queensland on Monday (18.04.16), where the two charges of illegal importation were dropped after Amber admitted to lying on her arrival card on entering the country last May.

According to reports, Amber's lawyer Jeremy Kirk told the court she was under the impression Johnny's staff had dealt with the two dog's travel forms when they arrived.

Kirk said the documents had "slipped through the cracks".

He also claimed that Amber had "nothing in it" to fill in the forms incorrectly and that it was a "terrible mistake".

He said: "It was a terrible, terrible mistake. There was no attempt to deceive."

The prosecutor Peter Callaghan agreed that Amber's fame and the fact she is married to Johnny attracted attention to the case.

He said: "The laws apply to everyone."

And he also agreed no conviction need to be recorded because of "who she is, who she's married to and what certain representatives of the Australian Government have chosen to say about it".