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Amber Heard hoping for 'lavish Hollywood lifestyle'

Amber Heard hoping for 'lavish Hollywood lifestyle'

Amber Heard thought she could have a "proper lavish, Hollywood lifestyle" with Johnny Depp.

The 'Magic Mike XXL' star - who filed for divorce from the 'Pirates of the Caribbean' actor earlier this week citing "irreconcilable differences" - reportedly felt as though she wasn't able to go and enjoy parties as Johnny preferred to relax at home.

A source said: "Amber is a party girl and Johnny just isn't into that scene any more. He prefers to stay indoors on his own or with a small group of friends, have a smoke and watch some old movies.

"Johnny had absolutely no interest in heading to bars or clubs, despite being so popular around the world. Amber believed she could lead a proper lavish, Hollywood lifestyle with Johnny. But she eventually realised she got him at the wrong stage of his life."

And things came to a head when Amber, 30, invited her pals to a party at their lavish London abode. The 52-year-old actor is said to have "flipped due to the noise" and they later had a "blazing row" in front of pals.

An insider added: "When they stayed in their London property last year, Amber had a group of friends round for yet another of her parties. Johnny was staying in the house as he was filming nearby and he flipped due to the noise. He couldn't get to sleep and they had a blazing row in front of all her pals.

"He considered her a spoilt child and not very intelligent, while he sees himself as a cultured man and an intellectual. The kids were never really on her level, despite Amber being so much younger than Johnny."

But it was the incident when Johnny and Amber got in trouble with the Australian government for allegedly "sneaking" her pet dogs into the country that really made things difficult for the pair.

The source told The Sun newspaper: "Johnny felt humiliated by the whole ordeal and believes Amber made him look like a fool. It just doesn't fit with his serious image and he hated being mocked. The dogs are Amber's so she should really have done the thorough checks."