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Amanda Seyfried faced anxiety on stage

Amanda Seyfried faced anxiety on stage

Amanda Seyfried combated her anxiety by taking to the stage.

The 'Les Miserables' actress appeared in off-Broadway play 'The Way We Get By' last summer and admitted it was the "most important" thing she'd ever done as it forced her to face her fears head on.

She said: "Making the choice to go out on stage every night was the most important thing I've done.

"It forced me to face my biggest fears. I'm afraid of being vulnerable, so I sabotage the experience by freaking out but then you're stuck.

"I was stuck and doing the play helped me get to the other side. All of a sudden there are all these amazing things on the other side.

"It doesn't mean life is suddenly a breeze or that I'm not going to suffer, just that I'm at a different awareness level at this point."

However, Amanda still has some other issues which she needs to tackle.

She admitted to Red magazine: "I still have to work on my self-judgement and the way I judge others though."

The 30-year-old actress is proud to have a strong following of young female fans.

She said: "Young girls come and ask for my picture a few times a day."