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Alyssa Milano had 18 months to lose post-baby weight

Alyssa Milano had 18 months to lose post-baby weight

Alyssa Milano gave herself 18 months to lose her post-baby weight.

The 'Charmed' actress - who has son Milo, four and 17-month-old daughter Elizabella with husband Dave Bugliari - has admitted she felt pressured to quickly return to her ample frame prior to giving birth because of other celebrities, although she struggled to shed the extra pounds because she was breastfeeding.

Speaking to E! online about her weight loss following the birth of her second child, the 43-year-old star said: "Any pressure I felt is from seeing other celebrities get down to their [pre]baby weight in two weeks.

"I just know, for me, that's just not in my make-up, biologically. There is no way I could have dropped all the baby weight in two weeks, I don't know how they do it!

"It's exhausting, and the only thing you have really is food to get you through those first two months! Especially if you're breastfeeding.

"I gave myself 18 months. I reached my happy weight when my daughter was 18 months, and I did it through Atkins."

Meanwhile, the 'Project Runway All Stars' host was in awe of mother nature's creations.

She explained: "I was just so overwhelmed with being a mom and wanting to raise my kids and just look at them in total awe of like, 'I created this!'

However, Alyssa has revealed she feels "much more confident" since she became a mother.

She said: "I'm much more confident now. I was like, 'Oh, this is it! This is what life is.' Even though I had a really full beautiful life beforehand, my life really began the day he [Milo] was born.

"[Motherhood] does put everything else in perspective in a powerful way, and gives you the confidence to do other things."