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Allison Williams: Sex scenes are awkward for me

Allison Williams: Sex scenes are awkward for me

Allison Williams finds sex scenes "awkward".

The 28-year-old actress is no stranger to stripping her clothes off and getting intimate in front of the cameras for her role as Marnie Michaels on the HBO comedy 'Girls', and says despite being nervous about filming the racy shots, she believes they are "important" to the story and provide moments of "character discovery".

She said: "I actually had more sex scenes than any of the other girls. Of course, they're awkward - but the reason that they never loom in my calendar is because a) I have too many of them to fear them and b) they are hugely revealing about my character and important for the series thematically.

"'Girls' isn't exploitative. It put into fashion the idea that a sex scene can also be a moment of character discovery."

And the brunette beauty - who is married to entrepreneur Ricky Van Veen - praised Lena Dunham's show for giving audiences a "realistic depiction of sex".

She added: "You see our bodies in all of these weird positions and how different we are. Nobody is lit flatteringly. All of the sex scenes that I grew up watching were romantic and candlelit with music in the background. While filming for 'Girls', I've hit my nose on people; I've been bruised afterwards; my nipple cover ended up on Alex Karpovsky once. It's a more realistic depiction of sex, and I actually think it's more interesting."

Meanwhile, Allison has insisted that the characters in 'Girls' - which began airing its final season on Monday (13.02.17) - will "continue to live" once the show has ended, but fans will have a "pretty good idea" of what happens to each character.

She told Vogue magazine: "Lena [Dunham, the show's creator]'s goal was for people to not feel as if the characters' lives ended with the series. The idea that they continue to live in some ether somewhere is key.

"We were never going to answer all of the questions because that's not 'Girls' - but for someone who's been watching all along, it will feel like you stopped talking to one of your friends at 27, but you have a pretty good idea of where they will end up."