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Alicia Vikander's Australian accent fears

Alicia Vikander's Australian accent fears

Alicia Vikander was "terrified" about doing an Australian accent for 'The Light Between Oceans'.

The 28-year-old actress stars as Isabel Graysmark, a young woman from western Australia in the movie, and admits she found it challenging to perfect the accent needed for the part.

She said: "I was terrified each day trying to do any accent on this film. We started with discussing if we should do an RP [Received Pronunciation] accent knowing that a lot of the Australia sounds came after the Second World War but when we met our dialect coach she said I think there's a way of morphing in the beginning of what is now considered as Australian sounds.

"We tried to find that own voice in the same way that [this is set in] a fictional town in Australia ... There was a lot of frustration going on."

And whilst it was a tricky time for Alicia, the 'Danish Girl' star enjoys speaking in different accents for different roles as it helps her make the change between characters quicker.

Speaking to reporters at a press conference in London, she added: "It brings you back into character immediately. So when you find that voice, when I learned Isabel's voice, there's an excitement in that, you can fast track into her really."

Meanwhile, Alicia previously revealed she fell for her now-boyfriend Michael Fassbender when they spent a month in the isolated lighthouse for the movie.

She shared: "He was very sweet at letting me in ... He was like, 'Can you please give me a note? What do you think I should do?' It was such a sweet thing to kind of let me in."

Whilst Michael added: "She doesn't take anything for granted. With a lot of these actresses coming out, there's this bravery that you don't see so much in male actors ...

"I noticed this as well with Lupita [Nyong'o] in '12 Years a Slave' - this focus and understanding that there's an opportunity given to you and you grab it ... [Alicia] doesn't mind taking a character she's playing to an ugly place. Her level of commitment made me focus and make sure I was as committed."