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Alex James: I haven't washed my hair in 10 years

Alex James: I haven't washed my hair in 10 years

Blur star Alex James hasn't washed his hair in "10 years".

The 47-year-old musician has admitted he's never "thought about" his hair at great length, and only bothered to shampoo his locks when his daughters - Beatrix and Sable - gave him a "Halloween makeover".

He told Living magazine: "My hair isn't really something I've ever particularly thought about or fussed over.

"Other than this week when both my daughters were keen to give me a Halloween makeover and emptied a whole can of grey-coloured hairspray into it and it set solid, I haven't washed it for 10 years."

The bassist - who also has three sons, Artemis, Geronimo and Galileo, with his wife Claire - wasn't always so flippant about his hair though, as he previously stated that his mop top had been his "fortune".

In a 2008 interview, he said: "I've shamelessly traded on my looks all my life. My hair has been my fortune. I've got a centenary Auden haircut now. I took a picture of him to the hairdresser and said, 'Make me look like that'. It's great. I can strut around Oxford feeling foppish."

And Alex - who currently lives in the Cotswolds, England, where he runs a farm which produces award-winning cheese - has better things to think about than when he last washed his hair, as he says he enjoys living a "second life" away from the success of his band.

He said previously: "Music is a lovely escape still, that and writing. It's the chance to stand back, look at everything. It makes me feel less cross. It's been important for the members of Blur to find second lives, having had success so young. If you're not careful, you can be defined by something you did in college, and struggle for purpose and meaning afterwards."