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Alesha Dixon takes a swipe at Taylor Swift

Alesha Dixon takes a swipe at Taylor Swift

Alesha Dixon has slammed celebrities such as Taylor Swift who move on with a new partner immediately after a break up.

The 37-year-old 'Britain's Got Talent' judge says she prefers to keep her personal life out of the spotlight but slammed celebrities who jump into new public relationships after a split.

Speaking at the AOL Build UK event on Friday (22.07.16), Alesha said: "I can't understand, why is it with famous people, when they split up with someone - before you've even blinked or had your dinner - they're with someone else, literally walking out in public with them... not even just Taylor Swift."

Taylor, 26, split from DJ Calvin Harris, 32, earlier this year and just a few weeks later she started dating 35-year-old 'Thor' actor Tom Hiddleston.

Alesha also believes that people who court attention shouldn't complain when others gossip about them.

She said: "If you've been in a serious relationship and you're in the public eye, how can you just blink your eye and then the next day you're keen to be out just parading your next boyfriend - fair play to people living their life but at the same time you can't really complaint about people talking and speculating about your relationship when you're putting it out there so willy-nilly."

Alesha - who was briefly married to MC Harvey over 10 years ago - kept her relationship with partner Azuka Ononye private until she announced she was pregnant with their daughter Azura Sienna, who is now aged two.

She revealed: "I don't want to be seen in different public relationships. I took pride in really getting to know my partner privately. We were together for many years and no one ever knew and when we announced we were having a baby that felt like a time we could just let our hair down and be a little bit free because I think for many years I haven't been."

And Alesha works hard to keep her work and home life separate.

She added: "You just act accordingly. I got to work and when I go home I'm home. I'm very good at separating the two. I think for a lot of people they might struggle with that and the lines get blurred a lot of the time but for me it's really simple. I get up, I go to work and when I come home, private time is private time."