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Alec Baldwin's wife mistaken for nanny

Alec Baldwin's wife mistaken for nanny

Alec Baldwin's wife regularly gets mistaken for their children's nanny.

The 58-year-old actor and spouse Hilaria's kids Carmen, two, and Rafael, 10 months, are both fair haired, and the 32-year-old yoga instructor admits her dark locks and Spanish accent means people often don't think she is their mother - and offer her work looking after their own offspring.

But Hilaria thinks the offers are funny and never gets offended as she knows her kids are like her in ways other than their looks.

Alongside a picture of Carmen attempting a yoga pose, Hilaria - who is pregnant with the couple's third child - wrote on Instagram: "With two blonde hair, blue eyed children, people at the park always ask me if I am a nanny. They hear me speaking to my children in Spanish and I have been offered so many jobs because everyone wants to teach their children a foreign language these days.

" I always laugh it off and tell them that if I were not so busy with my 2 almost 3 babies, I'd love to come work for them!

"So here is proof that this is my little baby....climbing on tables and doing crazy yoga in all sorts of outfits...yup, this one is all mine. Always laugh with the world #366daysoflivingclearly #HilariaLCM (sic)"

Though the couple are delighted with their expanding family, Hilaria - who married the '30 Rock' star in June 2012 - admits caring for two young children while pregnant is exhausting.

Alongside a photo of herself in bed, she wrote: "I'm so tired by the end of the night that I consider myself a champion for dragging myself into the bathroom to wash my face and brush my teeth...night after night I crown myself champion #MommySuccess (sic)"

Alec is also a father to 20-year-old daughter Ireland Baldwin, whose mother is his ex-wife Kim Basinger.