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Aidan Turner teases more shirtless Poldark scenes

Aidan Turner teases more shirtless Poldark scenes

Aidan Turner has hinted that he will strip off in the new season of 'Poldark'.

The hunky 33-year-old actor thrilled fans when he went shirtless in season one of the BBC drama and Aidan teased that more could be on the way in season two.

He told the Big Issue magazine: "Who says I'm not going topless again this year?

"We had no idea what it would turn into. It just made sense for the scene. I am convinced it was my idea. It was ridiculously hot. Why would he wear a shirt? This is ridiculous. He wouldn't wear a shirt. It was hot, it would rip, it would be stupid."

However, Aidan admitted he has to work out constantly to stay in shape to play Ross Poldark in the series.

He said: "And now I need to keep in shape for the show or I won't fit the costume. I can't put on a pound. Literally. It is no fun. Seven months of no pasties and loads of press-ups."

Aidan's comments are surprising as his co-star Eleanor Tomlinson, 24, recently insisted Aidan is getting "fed up" over the attention he is receiving for his body.

Revealing her hopes that fan hysteria will "calm down a bit", Eleanor explained: "Only because I think Aidan, bless him, is getting a bit fed up with it. 'Poldark' is about so much more than that one thing. And although of course it's dream publicity for the show and it certainly grabbed people's attention, they didn't want it to be known just for that.

"I mean, Aidan's a beautiful man - absolutely gorgeous - but I think he would like to be known for his performance, and I would like to stop being asked about his chest."