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Aidan Turner's mystery woman revealed

Aidan Turner's mystery woman revealed

Aidan Turner's mystery woman has been revealed.

The 'Poldark' star was spotted kissing a then-unknown woman in London last week and it has now been revealed that she is "badass" marketing manager Tara Derakshan.

Tara is able to speak no less than four languages - Arabic, Swedish, English and French - and she relocated to London in 2015, where she is marketing director for Kiosked, an "Advertising Automation Platform".

Before relocating to the UK, Tara was working in New York to help protect children across the world.

When asked for a comment, Tara initially declined before then saying it wasn't her in the pictures.

The revelation comes after the 33-year-old actor revealed his mother is the "number one" woman in his life.

He told the Daily Mirror newspaper: "If I'm late coming home I have to text my mum. I'm a very good boy, I behave myself. My Mum is number one in my life.

"Me and mum don't talk about steamy stuff - at all. I never get women throwing themselves at me, never."

Meanwhile, Aidan previously revealed he isn't sure if he believes in "soulmates".

He said: "I don't know if I believe in the soulmate thing so much. I think you can find somebody you can love your entire life and you can still feel that love decades and decades later.

"I know couples who've been together 50 years and are happy. But it can be unhealthy to rely on somebody so much."

And Aidan also insisted his next girlfriend will not be an actress.

He added: "I've been in that world before where you're with someone who does the same thing and it can be quite difficult because that's all you are."