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Adele visits cat cafe

Adele visits cat cafe

Adele visited a cat cafe in Vancouver on Tuesday (19.07.16).

The 'Hello' hitmaker took a break from her world tour to take an unannounced trip to Catfé with her three-year-old son Angelo - who she has with partner Simon Konecki - and was particularly taken with a feline named Larry.

Employee Leona Morrison revealed: "We had no idea she was coming. We were overfull and then there was Adele.

"She was with her son and someone else and they came in and found Larry and gave him some pats and they were here quickly and then just left."

Leona admitted she and her colleagues didn't recognise the 28-year-old singer at first until she revealed her identity and asked to come in for 10 minutes, much to the delight of a children's birthday party which was taking place inside.

Leona said: "The mom told me afterwards it's a party no one will forget...

"We're just thrilled that she would come by and honoured and grateful."

The 'Skyfall' singer was "starstruck" by Larry, who is being adopted out.

Leona told CTV News: "He's very open to pats and he seemed to be really into it. He's a bit of a ladies man. He's a charmer."

After Adele and her son left the building, Catfé staff played some of her music for the cats and they "seemed amenable to it."

All of the cats at Catfé are adoptable through the BC SPCA's Drive for Lives scheme - which transports animals to the Lower Mainland from rural areas with lower adoption rates - and since opening its doors seven months ago, they have found homes for 149 felines.

Adele was in Vancouver ahead of two concerts there on July 20 and 21.