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Adele's son watches her perform for first time

Adele's son watches her perform for first time

Adele's son watched her perform live for the first ever time in London on Wednesday night (16.03.16).

The 27-year-old singer interrupted her rendition of 'Someone Like You' to give a shout out to three-year-old Angelo - whose dad is Simon Konecki - was in the audience at the sold-out arena.

Adele took a three-year hiatus from playing live following the birth of her child in October 2012, returning to the music scene last year with her third album '25'.

Pointing out Angelo in the crowd, Adele said: "This is the first show my baby boy has seen me do. I love you so much Peanut."

Angelo has been the focus of a lot of the 'Hello' hitmaker's interactions with fans on her 'Adele Live 2016' tour.

At The O2 on Tuesday night (15.03.16), she explained how she wrote an entire LP of songs inspired by her child but decided to scrap all the tracks except 'Sweetest Devotion' as she didn't think a concept album about motherhood would resonate with her fans.

Before performing the touching track, she said: "While I was away for a really long time because I had a baby, which was wonderful. I wrote a whole different album before I handed in '25', which was all about my kid. For me it was the greatest album of all time because it was about Angelo. But it would bore all of you!

"My manager was like, 'It's not quite hitting it on the head for me.' So I went back to the drawing board but I did keep the song 'Sweetest Devotion'. I was looking for this feeling for years and I was looking for it in all the wrong places, for me anyway, then when I had my kid I never had so much clarity in my whole life. When I had my son I felt like such a good person and I felt so proud of myself. Before, I was still doing incredible things and I was proud of them but I was doing them all on my own and when I got old I'd have no one to tell. But then I had a family and it put it all in perspective.

"I'm not saying you will find fulfilment in becoming a parent but I encourage you Jo matter what to find whatever it is that fulfils you because it's the most life-changing thing."